An Ode to the Syndicated Lifestyle

Last month I talked about how I moved most of my bookmarks in my browser onto with the help of Pukka. I enjoy the flexibility that web services such as afford - letting me store part of my digital persona online. Tonight I completed my transition by replacing 40 or so bookmarks with their respective feeds in my current aggregator, NewsFire. I am left with only the essential ~20 bookmarks in my browser. It makes me feel one step closer to not having a browser at all. I know it has been said before, but RSS is great.

RSS Feed IconBookmarks (not permalinks) are being phased out by RSS. No longer do I need to maintain 300 miscellaneous bookmarks that clutter my browser. I can throw those really random ones to, keep the daily-reads and private bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar and direct the rest to an aggregator. Feeds have really changed the way that I browse in the past year that I have passionately been using RSS wherever it is to be found. However, I am not the type of person to read entire posts in my aggregator. If something catches my eye, I will be opening it in a browser.

Okay enough with my spiel, the whole point of this post was to serve up some hot OPML, mine. For those that setup camp outside of the loop, OPML stands for Outline Processor Markup Language and is the XML format for an outline. It is the standard and preferred format for importing and exporting a collection of feeds. If you are an aggregator-bearing reader, feel free to import my OPML. Be warned though, there are about 150 feeds (recently trimmed down from 500) so it might take a while to load. Unfortunately, NewsFire does not like exporting the group names so you will just be getting a bunch of unorganized feeds. If you have similar interests as me, you might find these tech-centric feeds useful.

So you say you subscribe to 674 feeds? Interesting. Feel free to list your favorites below. I love finding out about new (tech) sites. If you have any OPMLs to share, please link us up Scotty.