Paul Stamatiou @Stammy

Stuff I Use

This page features a frequently updated list of applications, products and services I use. You may also be interested in my post The Coding Zone. Last updated 1/5/2014


  • Amazon S3 for misc storage/backup, with CloudFront for one bucket that hosts this blog's images. View site changelog for more info.
  • Amazon Glacier to backup hundreds of gigs of DSLR photos
  • Wufoo forms
  • Typekit
  • Web-Pass ISP (San Francisco)


  • Jekyll with custom tweaks and my own design for this blog
  • Google Chrome as primary and dev browser
  • 1Password
  • iStat Menus
  • TextExpander
  • Sublime Text 2
  • Transmit
  • Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5 with VSCO Keys, Google Nik Collection
  • Inboard for taking and organizing screenshots
  • VLC Player
  • xScope for designing

Computer Setup